Sabrina earned her CTC (Certificate in Training and counselling) at Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers, which is world renowned as "The Harvard for dog training". She is also certified in Separation Anxiety (CSAT).

Sabrina began her work with animals while working at emergency shelters, where she gained experience with all sorts of dogs: from neglect cases, to puppy mill dogs and even dogs rescued from oversea meat farms, you name it. She has since extended her knowledge and expertise to her clients and their dogs. 

She is a strong believer in education, and science based training, especially in an industry where there are no regulations. 


 Sabrina's Education & Experience 

  •  L'Annexe de la SPCA de Montreal
    Volunteer  dog walker (2012)

  • L'Annexe de la SPCA de Montreal 
     Animal care attendant (2013 - 2015)

  • Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship Level 1
    Montreal - 2014

  •  Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship Level 2
    Montreal - 2015

  • Montreal SPCA Enrichment Program (2015)

  •  Dog Emotion and Cognition
    Duke University - 2015

  •  Animal Behaviour and Welfare
    University of Edinburgh - 2015


  • Humane Society International
    Team Leader- working with dogs who come from cruelty cases: Puppy mills, hoarding seizures, South-Korean dog meat farms (2015- 2018)

  •  Inside your Dog's Mind          
    with Victoria Stilwell -  2016,   Cornwall, Ontario

  • Safer, Kinder communities campaign 
    Participated in many events held by the SPCA to inform Montrealers about responsible dog ownership, pitbull type dogs and breed neutral dangerous dog laws.  To learn more, click here! (2016-2017)

  • Animal-assisted Therapy
    Focus & Perspectives One High Schools. This program focused
    on helping at-risk teens through animal-assisted therapy, and positive
    reinforcement dog training. ​(2016)

  • The Husbandry Project (2016-currently) A pilot project that tests step-by- step training plans in order to help dogs feel more comfortable and cooperative during veterinary exams.

  • Do As I Do
    with Dr. Claudia Fugazza - 2016,    Montreal, Quebec

  • Separation Anxiety: Mission Possible
    with Malena DeMartini Price - 2017,   Bensalem, Pennsylvania

  • The Academy for Dog Trainers
    (The Harvard for dog trainers!) a 2 year program with Jean Donaldson. Graduated July 2017

  • Home Alone: Treating Separation Anxiety​
    with Nancy Tucker - Fenzi Dog Sport Academy - 2017

  • Pet Professional Guild's Educational Summit
    4.5 days of lectures and labs from some of the best vets/trainers/behaviourists in the industry -2017,     Orlando, Florida

  • Pet Professional Guild's Multi-species and Sheltering workshop/seminar
    5 days of workshops and lectures from some of the best vets/trainers/behaviourists in the industry - 2018,     Kanab, Utah

  • The Emotional World of dogs 
    with Professor Daniel Mills- 2018,     Oakland, California 

  • Poules Academie
    Chicken training workshop with Jean Lessard and  Yanick Dion-  2018.     Roxton Falls, Quebec

  • Certificate in Separation Anxiety Training (CSAT) 
    Intensive 13 week course on Separation Anxiety, by the one and only Malena DiMartini - 2019

  • BC SPCA Animal Behaviour Science Symposium
    3 days of lectures and labs from some of the best vets/trainers/behaviourists in the industry -2019     Vancouver, British Colombia

  • Aggression in Dogs Master Course 
    with Michael Shikashio CDBC- 2020

  • International Cat Care: Advanced Cat Behaviour for Cat Professionals 
    October 2021-May 2023

  • L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course
    With Kim Brophey, CDBC, CPDT-KA January 2022


Audrée started working with animals in 2014 as a volunteer at the Montreal SPCA and as history tells for many of us, this revealed her passion and brought her to the world of animal behaviour and education of companion dogs.

This training allowed her to open the doors of her dog walking business, L'Avenue Canine, which served numerous dogs for almost two years. After finishing her studies in tourism and working in this field for a few months, she decided to go back to her roots and focus on her biggest passion, dogs.

She is also the author and person behind Chien Nomade, a blog dedicated to outdoor activities to do with your dog.

Audrée will take care of the client puppies and obedience in English and French!



 Audrée's Education & Experience 


  • Montreal SPCA | Volunteer dog walker | 2014-2015

  • Animal behaviour Apprenticeship | level 1 | 2014

  • Animal behaviour Apprenticeship | level 2 | 2015

  • Dog emotion and cognition | Duke University (online) | 2015

  • In Your Dog's Mind | Victoria Stilwell | 2016

  • Do like me | Claudia Fugazza | 2016

  • Togo Dogs | Volunteer Evaluator | 2019-2020

  • Fenzi Dog Sport Academy | Won't you be my neighbor? Suggestions for reducing fence fights with the dog next door | Amanda Boyd | 2020

  • De main de Maitre | Emotional Challenges In Competitive Dogs Simonne Raffa | 2020

Maya and Rosie.jpg

Maya began working with animals in 2018 as a volunteer at the Humane Society International - Canada’s emergency shelter with fearful dogs destined for the meat trade in South Korea. She was able to help with taking care of dogs from the Montreal SPCA who were temporarily housed at the emergency shelter during renovations. This led to her being hired as a Team Lead in 2019. From then, she received a scholarship from the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers and started her journey to become a dog trainer that same year. She earned her CTC (Certificate in Training and Counselling) in February 2021.


After completing her Bachelors of Commerce (Finance), she worked for a decade in her field but was always wanting to follow her dreams. Maya left her Finance corporate job to follow her passion and she has never looked back. She is a strong believer in education and science-based training, especially in our unregulated industry.


 Maya's Education & Experience 


  • Humane Society International - Canada
    Volunteer - working with dogs who come from South-Korean dog meat
    farms (2018-2019)


  • Humane Society International - Canada
    1 day Compassion Fatigue Workshop (2019)


  • Humane Society International - Canada
    Alongside the SPCA, assisted in the day to day care of feeding/cleaning during the closure of the zoo de Saint-Edouard (2019)


  • Humane Society International - Canada
    Team Lead - working with dogs who come from South-Korean dog meat farms and working with dogs from the SPCA (2019-present)


  • Animadou
    Dog walker (2020-2021)


  • Mon Chien en ligne - Un événement contagieux! A 5-day conference offered by Québec’s known dog trainers and a veterinarian all about dogs. Topics discussed: body language, resource guarding, aggressions, enrichment, clicker training, fitness, health issues and how is can impact behaviour, grooming and cooperative care, agility, multi-dog households, separation anxiety (2020)

  • Cours: Promenade en laisse zen - Du rêve à la réalité! - DMDM (2020)

  • Séminaire: La réactivité canine - DMDM (2020)

  • Mini-séminaire: Les premiers soins de base canin - DMDM (to be completed end of March 2021)

  • The Academy for Dog Trainers
    (The Harvard for dog trainers!) Scholarship recipient; a 2 year program with Jean Donaldson. Graduated February 2021


  • Fear Free Shelter Program: learning to improve the emotional experiences of animals by applying key strategies and techniques designed to reduce the negative emotional states that are commonly experienced by shelter and rescue animals. (2021)

  • SA Pro Trainer Programme with Julie Naismith: Separation Anxiety
    Graduated December 2021