Help, my dog lunges at other dogs! - and how play can help!

The phone rings, and I pick up, "Help! My dog barks, and lunges at every dog in sight, is she being aggressive? What's going on?!". The first question I always ask is "How's the off-leash play?" With that, you'll commonly get one of these 3 answers: 1. "She's great, but when she's on leash, She's a monster!" 2. "Off-leash?! I'd never try that, are you kidding me? She'd bite the other dog, without a doubt." 3. Lastly, the case where a dog is fearful, we won't be covering that right now. If the dog is good off-leash, then we know our probable go-to is barrier frustration. The dog can't get to the thing she most wants to see/play/investigate, in this case another dog. The leash is holding he

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