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Remote Training 

Perks of online training:

  • Cost effective! No travel time on our end, results in cheaper prices.

  • Efficient

  • Allows you to get the help you need without leaving the comfort of your home

  • Great for those living in rural areas who may not be able to get service otherwise

  • Scheduling flexibility


What can we work on?

  • House training

  • Pre-adoption or new puppy coming home

  • Pre-baby prep

  • Basic manners

  • Fear, anxiety and aggression.

  • Resource guarding

  • Body handling issues

  • Muzzle training

  • Husbandry such as nail clipping and tooth brushing

  • Separation anxiety (see page Separation Anxiety page for specifics)

  • Trick training


How will it work?


People often think that online consults are not as effective as in-person ones, but the truth is, they are and in some cases can be even more beneficial, like in the case of dogs who are fearful of strangers.


  • Remote sessions allow us to coach you, give you the necessary tools, and implement any necessary management techniques to work with your dog.  We can coach you through the exercises (we may use our dogs as demo-dogs or send you videos!) and we will create specific training plans for you to help achieve your goals.


  • Conferencing apps are the way of the future! We generally use Zoom, which is a free service but we can also use Skype, or Facetime if those are your preferences.


  • After our session, you will receive personalized step by step homework and notes on everything that we covered during our session. As always, unlimited email support is offered between sessions.




$110+ tax for the first session (90 minutes)

$90 + tax for subsequent sessions (60 minutes)

Payments can be made via e-transfer or PayPal for international customers. 

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