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The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour's position statements on: 
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Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) 

The use of punishment in training 

Puppy Socialization 

Dominance in dogs




Nailed it! A Course in Canine Nail Care
This course is designed to help people become comfortable and confident when maintaining their dog’s nails at home. When you’re able to clip your dog’s nail yourself, you can avoid the stress that comes with going to the vet or groomer as often as proper nail care necessitates.

The Muzzle Up Project
Advocacy, Education, Training- the use of muzzles and breaking the stigma surrounding their use.

Website and global campaign to help improve the relationship and communication between people and their dogs

Safer, Kinder communities
A website dedicated to real facts when it comes to pit bull type dogs and breed neutral dangerous dog laws and the catastrophe that BSL is. 

Where Advocacy and Behaviour meet- A Free Mini Course
This short mini-course is designed to get advocates thinking and conversations going about what comes next, as advancements occur and new information arises. 

Cut the Chain- In Quebec thousands of dogs live out their entire lives chained outdoors, in full legality.
Learn more about this animal welfare issue, and sign the petition! 

Chien Nomade (French only)

Dog-friendly hiking blog - Check them out for great tips and hiking spot suggestions! 

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