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Cat behaviour consults

While our name may be "Ivy League Dogs", we're happy to announce that two of our trainers are certified in cat behaviour!

We're here to help you with whatever it be you may need, common consult examples (but not limited to) are:

  • Litter box issues

  • Introducing a new cat house mate

  • Cat/dog intros

  • Furniture scratching 

  • Fear

  • Body handling issues 

  • Carrier training

  • Car training

  • Trick training

Rates & packages

All behaviour consults must start with a 90 min consultation

  • during this time we'll conduct a behaviour evaluation, discuss your goals, begin training and implement any necessary management

  • Once the behaviour evaluation is completed, your trainer can better discuss how many classes/which package may suit your needs best.

In-person rates:

  • Initial Consult/assessment: 90 min $165+tax 

  • À la carte (individual classes): $140+tax

  • 4 classes of 60 min  is $440+tax

  • 6 classes of 60 min is $625+tax

  • 8 classes of 60 min is $800+tax

  • 10 classes of 60 min is  $900+tax

Online rates:

  • Initial Consult/assessment: 90 min $120+tax 

  • $90 + tax for subsequent sessions (60 minutes)

    Payments can be made via e-transfer or PayPal for international customers. 

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