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Private behaviour consults

Life is full of challenges; however, we like to believe that being a dog

guardian should be one of the lesser challenging things in life.

So whether you’re a first time dog guardian, have a specific issue that needs help with or you’re just an overall hands-on person who would like to learn alongside their dog; then our private one-on- one coaching is an excellent place to start!

Together we can set your dog up for success!

Rates & packages

All behaviour consults must start with a 90 min consultation

  • during this time we'll conduct a behaviour evaluation, discuss your goals, begin training and implement any necessary management

  • Once the behaviour evaluation is completed, your trainer can better discuss how many classes/which package may suit your needs best.

  • Initial Consult/assessment: 90 min $165+tax 

  • À la carte (individual classes): $145+tax

  • 4 classes of 60 min  is $460+tax

  • 6 classes of 60 min is $660+tax

  • 8 classes of 60 min is $840+tax

  • 10 classes of 60 min is  $920+tax

Not in our service range? We offer online consults too!

Have questions or want to sign up? Send us an email today!

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