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Private Consults

Life is full of challenges; however, we like to believe that being a dog

owner should be one of the lesser challenging things in life. So whether

you’re a first time dog owner, have a specific issue that needs help with

or you’re just an overall hands-on person who would like to learn

alongside their dog; then our private one-on- one coaching is an

excellent place to start!

Let’s set your dog up for success!

Common consults:

 Resource guarding

 House training


Expecting a baby?

 Basic manners such as jumping up and counter sharks

 Doorbell barking

Watchdog barking

 New adoption

Handling sensitivity (vets, groomers, nail clipping, touching)

 Reactivity/aggression towards dogs

 Reactivity/aggression towards people


….Just to name a few! Do you need help with something else?

Give us a shout!

Let's get started!


Initial Consult/assessment: (60-90 min) $165+tx 


À la carte (individual classes): $140+tx

4 classes of 60 min  is $440+tx
6 classes of 60 min is $625+tx
8 classes of 60 min is $800+tx

10 classes of 60 min is  $900+tx

*All consultations and packages include personalized homework/notes, email support and treats for the session. 

Must be paid in full the day of the consult.

If you purchase a package, the sum must be paid in full at the first session. 

We accept Cash, e-transfer or cheques.


*New Service*:
Live outside of our service area but would like an in-person consult?
For an extra $15 fee, we can rent a private working space at L' Espace Papaya in the heart of the Plateau!

828 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2J 2H6

*No refunds.
**Packages must be used within 6 months of purchase. 

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