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Separation Anxiety

What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is an emotional disorder, think of it along the lines of a panic disorder, extreme fear or phobia. 

A dog with separation anxiety is truly panicking about being left alone. When in this state, your dog is not thinking rationally, and the way he is behaving when left alone is completely involuntary. 

They don't mean to disrupt your neighbours, soil the rug or destroy your brand new couch, but the reality is that they're utterly panicked in that moment. 

In the US alone, studies suggest that 17-20% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety, that's roughly 13 million dogs! You're not alone, and we're here to help. 

It goes without saying, separation anxiety is extremely exhausting and draining for both the humans living with it and the dog. 

Trust me, after having dealt with my own dog's separation anxiety, I completely understand what you're going through, but after many messes, chewed up furniture and noise complaints we made it to the other side! She can now peacefully snooze at home for ~8 hours. 

How do we train for Separation Anxiety?

The treatment is similar to what would be used for someone with a genuine phobia of spiders or heights for example. It would begin with very gradual exposure to said phobia at a level that the person can handle. Lot's of repetition and confidence building! When the person feels comfortable with the current step, they are gradually exposed to more and more of it, until it's something they're comfortable with. Progress and speed is always dictated by that person.  

This is exactly what we'd be doing with your dog! We would conduct an assessment to see what your dog can handle, and hey if it's just a couple of minutes, that's okay! We'll then take apart your pre-departure routine and break it apart into teeny-tiny fragments and repackage it in a way that your dog can handle. We'll take the smallest dose that he can handle and  we continue to expose him to that tiny dose multiple times until it is absolutely not bothersome to him.  Through this exposure at a level that he can handle, he'll begin to learn that being alone isn't so bad after all, and you'll get your life back! 
We'll then take these little doses and bundle them up together so that we can create his very own personalized training plan. 

We can help anyone, anywhere in the world!

How you may ask? We can do so with the use of video-conferencing apps! Don't worry, it's really quite simple, and even those who are not tech savvy can do it!


Why not in person?  Separation Anxiety only occurs when we're not home, therefore it wouldn't really serve a purpose to have a trainer come and assess or train in person. We want to make everything as natural and organic as possible, to best imitate what your departures are really like.  This way, your departures can be as realistic as possible, all while giving me the opportunity to see your dog in his natural un-altered state. With the use of this technology, I can then write you custom plans 5 days a week, so that you can continue to work on those absences! 

Pros of doing it online: More scheduling availability, lower prices, and most importantly it's the most effective way to get the job done!

We're here to help!

As mentioned above, separation anxiety can be an exhaustion disorder to live with, and it's also utterly heartbreaking. We're here to guide you through your dogs recovery by creating those personalized training plans, and to make sure that you have support and encouragement along the way!

Rates & packages

In order to help you as best as possible, please fill out the short questionnaire below. We will then contact you within 24-48 hours!

Package and pricing:

4 week package: $680 +tx
*10% off for adopted dogs who've been in their new homes for 3 months or less* 
proof of adoption required

  • Live assessment

  • Our specialist will equip you with 5 personalized training plans each week, a total of 20 per month

  • Live weekly reassessments to ensure that the protocol is always catered to your dog. 

  • Unlimited email support throughout the process.

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